Trigon Investment Advisors
Investment Strategies

"Trigon" refers to the three strategies traded since the company's inception: a discretionary strategy that trades short-term interest rates; a discretionary "opportunistic" strategy that trades long-term interest rates, currencies, equity indices and commodities; and a systematic FX strategy.

Trigon's two discretionary strategies – the Short-Term Rates Strategy and the Opportunistic Strategy – employ a fundamental global macro investment style to trade themes across fixed income, currency, equity index and commodity markets. These strategies use analysis of economic data and market conditions to formulate top-down investment themes expected to materialize over the coming weeks to several months.

Trigon's systematic strategy – the FX Strategy – incorporates a proprietary multi-time frame model that trades a select group of major, dollar-block and emerging market currency pairs. The model includes short-term and medium-term components which enable it to profit from short-term (days) and longer term (weeks/months) price movements.